Vegetable tanned leather is the most ethical way to tan leather as opposed to chrome tanning which uses high levels of toxins and chemicals. Perspiration on your little one's foot mixes with the chemicals dyes and heavy metals in normal leather shoes and that mix can be reabsorbed through the skin.  Our ethos is to provide your babies and toddlers with an organic toxic free array of beautiful and fun shoes.


Leather is a very special material. It cannot be replicated and no two hides are the same, each telling its own story, but each beautiful. There is a lot of variance between the leathers and we only source leather that are a bi-product of the meat industry, meaning the farming priority is food and the skin is of secondary value.
Our nappa leather is sourced from one of the world’s renowned tanneries which provides its leather to some of the world's leading luxury designer brands.
Our leather is vegetable-tanned and chrome free. This method is the most ethical way to tan leather; as opposed to the widely used chrome tanned leather which uses high levels of toxins and chemicals. Tanning leather in this manner is time consuming and requires a lot of skill. As such, it is a more expensive leather. During the tanning process, the leather is placed in large drums that contain a range of natural tanning ingredients such as wood bark, vegetable extracts and flowers. 
Quality leather “breathes” and that is why we always grant great importance to the choice of the leather. The same care is given to the inside sole which is also in leather in order to absorb the perspiration from the foot.


We take great pride in the selection of our materials and we source the best at every turn. As stated above, there are a number of factors which influence the final appearance of your leather. Every hide is unique and any variations should not be considered faults but instead unique characteristics. Vegetable tanned leather ages gracefully and with time will develop its own unique pattern. 
Over time, the oils from your hands will condition the leather. If the leather is scratched, rub your finger over the mark to bring out the oil from the leather to the surface which will reduce the appearance of the scratch. 
Here is a little tip. A little secret mums have come across is to sometimes use natural baby wipes to clean darker marks. Please note that this should be tested on a very small area of the leather first and left over a period of time to ensure that it does not worsen the stain.
We hope you enjoy our leathers and grow to be as passionate about them as we are.