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We craft the best quality pieces you can buy using the highest grade certified vegetable tanned camel and nappa leather.  Each leather is died using a natural process which lasts over 8 weeks and we work the world’s leading ecological tanneries. Our leathers can be incinerated at the end of the products’ life without risks as they are chrome free. If land filled at the end of their life, our leathers will be biodegradable in 4 months. 

We started out as a small brand focused on quality  shoes for babies and children. After a few years we developed into making leather for the whole family. 

We make each piece by hand and without the use of large machinery. We rely on a lot of craftsmanship with little technology and are driven above all by a love and respect of leather. We produce everything from design to testing new materials and prototypes in our studio. 

In keeping with this ethos we seek to continue to create unique handmade pieces for all the ages.