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Sometimes as a parent you get so caught up in the mechanics of keeping this little human fed, and warm and well basically alive that you forget to need to take some time and marvel at this new life.

Gone are the days when you were in wonder of this new life. Where every kick and hiccups were a marvel to be shared with your family and friends. Now sleep deprived you enjoy and love and coo but you don’t always take the time to be in awe.

So here is three exercises to gain a new perspective. 

We had not realised how much personality our little open would show so early on. So much so that we would refer to him as a Bobbler (Baby Toddler). So when your Bobbler seems to be testing the boundaries of your patience while you are trying to feed them over a period of a minimum of one hour, remember to see that every spoonful is a new experience. 

Watch old videos. When your little one is asleep watch videos and pictures of their first hour, smile, crawl, food. Anything! You will not only see how quickly they have grown in a short amount of time. You will get a new appreciative view of your little one.

Carve time out for yourself. Baby benefits greatly from being held by you. But on those days when baby is wailing and you are exhausted, it is ok to call in some help. A bit of time away if good for you and your little one so enjoy these moments guilt free.

When you can, try to see the world through your little’s one eye. That butterfly is beautiful. People watching is fun. Smiling at strangers is lethargic.

Those memories you make today will forever be cherished. Sometimes its ok to through out the rule book. Pick baby up on demand, answer cries, let them sleep on your chest… after all, they won’t stay this small forever!

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